The Finnish Rorschach Association is a professional organization of psychologists. Its purpose is to:

  1. bring together users of the Rorschach who work with scientific evidence-based Rorschach coding and intepretation systems
  2. organize training and practice of the method in our country
  3. promote scientific, particularly international, collaborations

The association was founded in 1995 and now has 150 members. Members are licensed psychologists, specialized in the Rorschach, administered, coded and interpreted according to Exner’s CS. The association organizes at least two two-day workshops on the Rorschach a year for its members. Guest lecturers are leading international experts on the Rorschach and personality assessment. Most of them have been close collaborators of John Exner, as well as current or past presidents of international personality assessment or neuropsychological societies.

For more information, please feel free to contact us:
emiliano (at)